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5 - 12            ($5)         ($5)          ($5)

13 - 17          ($10)      ($9)          ($8)

18 & Up         ($15)      ($12)        ($11)

Children under 5 are free. To qualify for group rates there must be 15 or more persons 5 or older and reservations must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Call about our family rate.


 ‚ÄčFantasy World Caverns is closed until further notice! 

The cave is great as always. However Curtis Whitman the owner and operator has passed away after decades of passionately caring for and showcasing this natural wonder.

See the "Reviews", Photos and more on our "Facebook" page.

At Fantasy World Caverns see the Underground Lake, Bear Bed's,

Onyx Falls & Moonshiner's Dam these  are just some of the customers favorite features. COME EXPLORE and discover your own favorites.

Fantasy World Caverns has a wide variety of formations including Helectites, Helegmites, Stalactites, Stalagmites, unsurpassed sponge work,  cave coral & Stromatolite fossils.

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